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Taxi Booking Driver App Features And Benefit

Mobile solutions are essential to ensure your company is on top of the market. Technology has seen a dramatic change in recent years and all sorts of innovation are appearing all around us including taxis, too. Taxis will stand out from your competitors because it can adapt quickly to the latest services, such as Uber-like services or car rental companies that provide similar services at lower costs and provide superior customer service than traditional taxi services.

The market is full of different taxi apps. One type, however, is specifically designed for established businesses in need and ensures that customers can make reservations for rides in a matter of minutes with a growing customer base helping drivers locate potential fares more quickly than ever before.

The developers was aware of the differing requirements of both drivers and passengers that led to two distinct applications. This lets you customize features that give you the exclusive chance to receive exactly what you need without interruptions.

The Driver Apps must-have features

One of the most important aspects to maintain customer loyalty in the taxi business is ensuring that drivers have complete control over their apps. Driver-friendly features allow customers to focus more on their job , and makes it easier for them. This will result in better service delivery.

Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)

Drivers are always more comfortable using applications that help them save time and give the best practice. GPS tracking systems determine the location of the person in question, however once they’ve shared their permission, it makes it easier for a driver to locate them at any given moment because he/she will be aware of where loved ones are going.

Button for Availability

Drivers can now use their phones to indicate that they are available for new requests and pick up details. The driver will be notified immediately if there’s an order. They can then locate an alternative fare or give additional information, such as their current location.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers can now examine their overall performance in comparison to others and collect valuable statistics about their trips. They can also read customer feedback from their previous rides to determine any negative or positive feedback that were left by riders prior to deciding if this is something worth improving upon to improve their performance in the future.

Alerts by SMS or Email

Important notices will be sent to cabs by text message or email. You can answer your passengers’ inquiries via a simple interface. This is great for both both parties.

Start/End your journey

The easiest method to find your location is to use maps. It also shows the drop-off and pick-up points which makes it easier for everyone involved.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

When a passenger requests transportation, they will know when it’s accepted or rejected in a matter of seconds. If the driver does not respond within 15-30 seconds after receiving the message via the app, it means that there aren’t any vehicles within the vicinity that could transport them.

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