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Save Yemen From Being Wiped Off The Map

Yemen is currently in a humanitarian crisis. Yemen is currently experiencing the midst of a humanitarian crisis.

16 million people live in hunger every day in Yemen as well as a health system that has almost completely collapsed because of more than seven years of fighting and war, there’s nowhere to turn. With no help aside from their homes, dead or alive COVID19 virus sufferers are being wasted in the sand because medical professionals do not have access to their communities anymore; Too engaged in fighting each other rather than making a point of saving lives.

The country’s changing circumstances have created an ideal environment to facilitate HIV transmission. Four million people are in poverty, and without a where to go. The price of food is rising and wages remain at a low level. This means that not enough money is available to meet basic needs such as the provision of clean water and healthcare. This is why it will be almost impossible to manage this pandemic without assistance from overseas. We must, however, to act quickly before it’s too much too late.

The Yemenite people are fighting the spread of Cholera for quite some time now, but they are not fully out-of danger just but. There is a chance to be hopeful thanks to international organizations such as Save The Children America and World Vision UK supporting them with COVID-19.

How do you make sure that your donation to Welfare Trusts is helping the people of Yemen

In times of immense suffering and suffering, the welfare trusts provided millions of people with lifesaving water and food. They also offer COVID-19 hygiene kits to avoid infection from this virus that has killed a lot of people in Yemen already.

In the last few years, Welfare trusts have been tirelessly working in Yemen to aid those who are most vulnerable. They continue delivering humanitarian aid in the most difficult situations where they are in conflict and have difficulty getting their aid to the desired destinations. This is the reason there’s such a need for international organizations like them.

It’s a difficult time for many, and we are grateful that we have assistance for the people who require it. The objective is to help people get out of poverty by working with local partner organizations and providing cash, food, as well as other essential items.

Women in Yemen have been given an opportunity to live their lives again thanks to the many generous donors who offer their time and funds to support this cause. A welfare trust, Maternity hospitals are funded through donations from charitable organizations to ensure that all mothers can have their babies safely without the risk of health problems or water deficiency during labor. Rehabilitation units offer post-birth care that includes the provision of medication when needed as well as psychological support when mothers return in the community again.

A number of welfare trusts have begun providing hygiene kits to families in makeshift camps. They also supply safe water to schools and hospitals as a reaction.

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